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%config InlineBackend.figure_formats = ['svg']
import oscovida as ov


Daily change

The second and the third graphs returned by the overview function (see the overview and the explanation of the observables) show the daily changes for COVID cases and deaths respectively. Here we show how it is created internally. We also meed to import the plotting framework:

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import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.dates import DateFormatter, MONDAY, WeekdayLocator, DayLocator

Also we will need an empty Matplotlib graph object to pass onto the plotting functions.

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fig2, ax2 = plt.subplots();    # create an empty graph
country = "US"
region = "California"
weeks = 8

cases, deaths = ov.get_country_data(country, region)    # get actual data
cases = cases[- weeks * 7:]   # cut off unwanted data

# pass the data to the plotting function
ov.plot_daily_change(ax=ax2, series=cases, labels=("USA: California","cases"), color="C2", 
                     country="US", region="California");

# nicer X-axis formatting: put a tick every Monday
ax2.get_xaxis().set_major_formatter(DateFormatter('%d %b'))

And if it we wave the population data for this region (see here) then we can plot a normalised graph with the data per 100K capita. For doing that we pass regional identifiers to the plotting function. And here we will use deaths data:

In [4]:
fig2, ax2 = plt.subplots();    # an empty graph again
country = "Germany"
region = "Bayern"
weeks = 8

cases, deaths = ov.get_country_data(country, region)
dates = "2020-05-01:2020-07-15"
date_start, date_end = dates.split(':')
deaths = deaths[date_start: date_end] # cut off unwanted data

habitants = ov.population(country, region)
print(f"The population of {country}, {region} is {habitants} people")

ov.plot_daily_change(ax=ax2, series=deaths, color="C2", labels=("Germany: Bavaria", "deaths"), 
                     country=country, region=region);

# nicer X-axis formatting: put a tick every Monday
ax2.get_xaxis().set_major_formatter(DateFormatter('%d %b'))
The population of Germany, Bayern is 13124737 people

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