OSCOVIDA provides an open science portal to see and investigate the COVID19 infections and deaths as a function of time for the US states, the districts in Germany, and most other countries in the world.

Use OSCOVIDA to monitor the pandemic, second waves, local outbreaks and motivate social distancing and support for other containment measures.

European XFEL follows the RKI recommendations for access restrictions to the campus after travel abroad or in Germany, we provide tables showing these incidence rates for Germany here, and for countries worldwide here.

Read more about our motivation, data sources, team, watch a video interview, or join our Zulip chat instance here.

We provide a standard a set of analysis plots (explained here) for different regions:

Occasionally, we try to provide additional discussion COVID19 related news and numbers.

You can fire up your own analysis environment in the cloud, select the relevant analysis notebook yourself, re-execute or extend the analysis. See also our (growing) set of tutorials.